Below you will find links to pages of other artists and writers who I consider the ocelot's overalls and I think you will too. Over the course of my journey as an artist, I've had the privilege to engage with their art, collaborate with several of them, get to know some of them on a personal level, and even benefited immensely from their guidance and teachings.
Check them out!

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Expressive Arts Therapist

Heather Prost is a certified expressive arts therapist that is known for working with a wide range of clients. They specialize in grief and bereavement work.

Erin Kirsh

A chronicle of the rejections & acceptances of a YVR writer. Follow for your dose of encouragement & schadenfreude.

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Writer | Editor | Full-Time Lesbian

California based poet. She is the founder and Editor-in-chief of perhappened mag. 

Poet | Essayist | Editor | Hugger

Fun-sized Chicago native who loves hugs. She is a PhD student, poet, and Albert C. Yates Scholar at the University of Cincinnati. She is the Poetry Editor for Flypaper Magazine and reads for both The Rumpus and The Cincinatti Review.


Writer | Educator | Workshop Facilitator

Heather Jessup holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto and teaches English at Langara College, BC. Her first novel, The Lightning Field, was a finalist for the Raddall and Savage Book Awards, and was nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award. She is co-curator and lead director of the Prud’homme Library Project.

Writer | She is wearing a dress

Dina Del Bucchia is the author of three collections of poetry and one short story collection. She also hosts Can’t Lit, a podcast on Canadian literature and culture, with Jen Sookfong Lee.


Tattoo Artist

Portfolio account for emerging, Vancouver-based tattoo artist, specializing in black work animals, in their unique illustrative style.

Performance Artist | Arts Educator

flash-bang-uke-strumming-bread-baking-toe-twinkling-patriarchy-smashing-spoken-word-performance-artist who has a crush on you an drinks a lot of tea.


Writer | Website Designer

Isabel Rae McKenzie is an essayist and poet from Chicago. She is the founder and Editor-in-chief of Daybreaking Zine.

Meagan Berlin

queer, self-taught illustrator and artist fixated on the repetition of small marks


Ellie Sawatzky

Prompts, provocations, incantations, and inspiration for writers & readers.

Writer | Illustrator | Educator

Vancouver based English educator and published children's author/illustrator.

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